Values First Consulting Sdn. Bhd. is an established engineering firm specializing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) products and services for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry world-wide. Formed in 1997, Values First today holds a customer portfolio spanning China, USA, South America, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, India, and most of ASEAN.

Our Focus - Equipment Integration

Values First specializes in providing quality Equipment Integration (EI) products and solutions to wafer fabrication, sort, assembly and test sites. Our solutions typically involve the use of industry standards to provide robust interfaces between factory systems and equipment and to enable high quality user functionality.

Best Total Value-in-Class Products

Values First offers the best total value off-the-shelf EI products for :

  • Wafermapping/Inkless Manufacturing (Cellmap 2000-19/ULT 2010-19)
  • Recipe Management (RMS 2001-19)
  • Oven Automation System (OASYS 2019)
  • Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT/OEE 2007-19)
  • SECS/GEM Development (ActiveGBox 2007-19)
  • Etc...(Contact us about our latest product offerings !)

Our History

In late 1997, we established Values First on Penang island, the Silicon Valley of South East Asia and home to the first and largest Intel assembly plant world-wide. At that time, the dot-com boom had already begun and hordes of Internet companies everywhere were being formed to take advantage of the IPO and investment opportunities that were all-too apparent at the time. We decided otherwise, choosing instead to focus on our area of specialty – equipment integration for the semiconductor industry.

Back then, equipment integration was not a norm for the semiconductor industry, although simple forms of networking were in use sporadically in most plants. So, part of the challenge for us was to convince our customers of the value in investing in equipment integration on the production floor.

Our first hires were from a local university – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), and armed with Microsoft development tools and industry knowledge that we had imparted to them, we went through a process of learning and application – for instance about industry standards for software methodologies, database design, distributed computing and the like.

Within a year, we had released our first product – a station controller software specifically built to interface with die attach machines running wafer-mapping operations. We called it “CellMap”, and it was to be our first flag-ship product, now being shipped world-wide, albeit with many variations and upgrades since. A few years later, we released our own SECS/GEM software drivers, a first for any company in South East Asia. A partnership with a major Swiss semiconductor equipment manufacturer saw our products being shipped to different parts of the world, even as we expanded our product offerings to cover more applications – for recipe management, equipment performance tracking/OEE, engineering data collection and so on.

Today, our team of competent, highly trained engineers are engaged in advanced technology application to specific industry problems gleaned from our many years serving the industry.

A new generation of products have been released based on our new station controller platform called the X-Platform, opening the door to business rules extensibility, cloud-based intelligence services and mobile device functionality for the user. Contact us today to find out more about our new generation products based on the X-Platform.

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